What To Do If You’re Involved In a Road Traffic Accident


1.      Notify emergency services if necessary to attend at the scene of the accident.

2.      Immediately telephone the Gardai and report the accident to them. Ask that they attend at the scene of the accident.

3.      Ascertain the names and addresses of all of the parties involved in the accident including passengers in other vehicles.

4.      Obtain the registration details and insurance particulars of all motorists involved in the accident.

5.      Identity any witnesses who may have seen the accident and ascertain their particulars including names, addresses and telephone numbers.

6.      Exchange particulars of names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance details with the other parties involved in the accident.

7.      Take photographs of the scene of the accident and in particular:

i.                 the position of the vehicles on the road

ii.                the damage done to each vehicle,

iii.             the debris on the road,

iv.             the impact damages, skid marks and any other marks on the road.

8.      If the Gardai attend at the scene of the accident and ask you to make a statement in relation to the matter you are entitled to tell the Gardai that you want to make a statement through your solicitor.

9.      If you have suffered any injury in the accident you should attend for medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident because if you pursue a claim for personal injuries in relation to the accident your solicitor will need to write for a medical report to the treating doctor.

10.  You should immediately inform your own insurance company that the accident occurred by telephoning the broker or insurance company and arranging to fill out an accident report form with your  broker and or insurance company. This is absolutely necessary because even if you are not at fault for the accident, another party in the accident may choose to take proceedings at a later stage against you. If you have not notified your insurance of the accident your insurance company may well not provide you with cover for the accident.

11.  After the accident you should bring your vehicle to a garage to prepare an estimate of the damage done and a full inspection of the vehicle.  Again make sure that you have photographs taken of the damage done to your vehicle   which show  the level of impact involved in the accident.  If your vehicle is not capable of being  driven you will be entitled to reasonable car hire until a replacement vehicle is found or acquired.

12.  If you are comprehensively insured you have to immediately notify your insurance company and have their assessor attend at the garage for the purpose of inspecting the damage done to you vehicle.

13.  You should assemble all bills, receipts (to include medical bills) and estimates for the damage done in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

14.   If you have had an accident and have any queries or wish to discuss the accident you can contact John Whelan Solicitor, Cashel at 062 – 61110.

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